Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day 7 - Going Solo...

By now we'd been together in the same hotel room or attraction for a week.  Robb and I were over halfway done with our vacation, and the girls were leaving tomorrow.  So, it's understandable that we were all getting on each other's nerves.  I'm sure the girls were sick of me, and rightly so.  I'm obnoxious. 

So today, they went back to Seaport Village to shop, and I decided to strike out on my own. 

I went to the Horton Plaza outdoor mall to mail postcards and get my glasses fixed after having lost the nose piece off of them on day 3 or so.  I also went in to all those clothing sotres I couldn't afford and tried stuff on, got talked to about sales, and basically pretended I was someone I was not.  So fun!  After that, I grabbed lunch at Panda Express in the mall and (I later found out) just missed Robb also grabbing lunch at Panda...probably by mere minutes.  Like, he was probably inside ordering when I left my table outside...and then he sat down EXACTLY where I'd been.  So weird.

I decided to wander around a bit, since we didn't have any plans.  This is what I saw:

That would be a balloon Mario.

This lovely fountain was in Seaport Village.

These were pretty much everywhere.

I found this sculpture slightly disconcerting.

And then there was this; something that I saw from the harbor tour AND the ferry, and couldn't figure out how to get to.  Finally, I found it.

Unconditional Surrender.

You may know it better as that kiss from the end of WWII.  Although...you may know it on a smaller scale.

That's the biggest kiss I've ever seen!  And no, you can't see her panties.  I looked, because I knew someone would ask.  It's just all kinds of vaguely painted white up there.  I kind of hoped it would be polka-dotted panties or something fun like that.  Guess not.

After I found it, I went back to the hotel because I was getting a burnt scalp.

This was on the way...sort of.

You can see it's a little bit north of where our hotel was:


So, we hung out until Robb got back, and then we headed out to Burger Lounge for a swanky bite to eat.  And maybe a cool drink...

And after that it was off to the Blick art store where I found this:

The Helpful Hippo pencil sharpener.  And, hippos being my favorite animal, I just had to buy it.  He actually chomps when you turn his tail to sharpen the pencil!  Adorable!

A quick photo before we stopped for frozen yogurt:

Oh, Robb...

Let me tell you about Yogurtland.  If you live in the SoCal area, I'm sure you've seen a yogurt bar.  They charge per ounce for yogurt and toppings together, and you can get MANY flavors of yogurt and TONS of toppings.  I had strawberry and blueberry yogurt with strawberries and blueberries on top...along with fruity pebbles and a few or those frosted animal cookies for fun.  It was AMAZING!  Seriously.  If you've never been, go!

And really, that was my day...pretty laid back but very enjoyable.  I saw four different areas of the city, and the day ended with a sunset in Little Italy:


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