Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 9 - The Big Switch...

"Gosh," I thought to myself.  "I'm sick of depriving them of the joy of seeing EVERY photo I took each day."  So, I think today I'll let you guys see each and every picture I took, just so you can get an idea of just how active my camera really is each day.  Strap yourselves in.  It's going to be wild!

Today was the day we were switching hotels, and Robb's conference ended at noon.  So I hit the harbor one last time, just to say goodbye to the rickshaw drivers and the beautiful views.

Apparently this guy was there.  I hope that paint's not toxic.

And then Robb came home and we moved hotels.  The drive along the way was gorgeous!

Unfortunately, you don't get to see it because apparently that's all I took photos of.

That's right.  Three pictures.  Apparently in the stress of packing up and moving to another hotel, I completely forgot to snap photos of the new hotel, the old hotel, the move, anything, really. 

In getting this blog ready, I realized my photos were all out of whack, mostly since I knew there was a day in between the Whaley House and Pride.  And yet, day 8 was the Whaley House, and day 9 was Pride in my folders...and when I tried to reorganize, my computer decided it didn't want me to renumber day 10, so I had to create a while new folder and move ALL my photos from vacation in it and renumber the folders and it STILL won't let me delete the old files.  Stupid machine...anywho...

I guess I misorganized them because these three photos were the only ones I took on day 9.  And I find that odd, because I saw Uncle Howard and Aunt Lucia and my cousins Rachael and Victoria for the first time in more than five years, too. photos of them at all.

I guess day 9 was a bust, photographically speaking.  But I had fun.  The front desk guy at our new hotel was gorgeous and sweet.  My Uncle took us out to Cheesecake Factory where I had orange chicken and a deilcious piece of 30th Anniversary Chocolate Cake Cheesecake.  YUM!  And, was a great time, honestly.  I just must not have remembered to take photos. 

So...there you have it.  Tomorrow is better.  I promise.


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