Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 8 - Goodbye Friends, Hello Ghosts...

Now I realize this post's title sounds morbid, but bear with me.  My friends didn't die.  They are not ghosts.  And I am not being haunted (by them, anyway...Timmy is another story, as the other night in our apartment can attest to--but that's a whole other ball of ectoplasm...).

No, no.  This was the day that Robb and I would say goodbye to Amy and Erin, as they both had to get home for various family things.  Robb and I still had four more blissful days to spend in San Diego.  But, since they were leaving, I really just putzed around the hotel room for the morning.  After they left, though, I went to see Robb at the conference, since I had nothing better to do.

Upon getting in the elevator, I saw that the Carnival cruise ship had docked.  So, up the the 14th floor to take photos from the glass elevator! 

It was HUGE, like a floating city!  We later found out that when it had docked, a man was led out by police for killing his wife (blunt trauma to the head) and stowing her body in his room (why he didn't throw her overboard is a mystery, as is why he killed her at all)!  So close to drama!  It was a little scary, after the fact.

Anywho, I decided to give the Gaslamp District another shot on my way to the conference center.  I took the train to the convention center and walked back to see about going in stores and finding lunch.  I still found it lackluster, though.  This made me chuckle:

Not a strip club.  A steak house.

And this was worth the trip:

The intersection, I mean...yeah...OBVIOUSLY what I was taking ap hoto of when this gorgeous young stud got in the way...what a shame.

I was all sightseeing and hot weather for hours, since he didn't get out until four.  So, I saw:

And I sat for an hour and texted some friends from this park:

That's the same park as theo ne the dog was swimming in the other day.  So pretty!

Throughout the trip we had been giving our leftovers from eating out to random homeless people, since they needed it more than we did and we had no fridge.  I was fairly comfortable, having met most of them near our hotel.  But in this park I started to feel like the homeless guys were getting a little too interested in why I was just hanging around there, so I headed over to the convention center to people watch.  What a great idea!

The hottie rickshaw drivers were just hanging out under the trees, so I did, too.  And there I stayed for several hours, just watching people go by and loving that I had the freedom to sit under a tree and enjoy the wonderful breeze.

And when I sit in the same place for too long, I feel the need to take random pictures like this one:

Cute little mushroom.  Anyone know what kind it is?  I'm assuming it wasn't edible.

Once Robb came out of the conference we took a stroll to a fishing pier.

We took the train back to our hotel and packed our stuff up before heading towards the Whaley House again.  We were going to have to switch hotels on Friday, the next day, so we wanted to be prepared. 

And I realize now that the rest of this post (like the first half) is going to be really lame without Robb's photos to post...but he doesn't have them on his computer yet.  I'll have to get back to you about the haunted craziness at the Whaley House.  Apparently my boyfriend attracts ghosts (if you believe that a very noticeable orb in a photo is evidence of a ghost). 

Until I can share his photos, all I have from that night is another one of those blue dots with the glow around it from the back of the house:

Still creepy.  And the ladies in the shop said they didn't know what it was, and that it could very well be a ghost.

I apologize for the delay, but I'll be sure to share his photos with you, as he took hundreds, tens of which have odd stuff in them!

So...three days left in San Diego, including visiting my Uncle Howard, who I found out has been reading my blog for years (hi Howard!), and San Diego Pride, as well as my unspeakably horrible trip to L.A.



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Melissa Blake said...

You took really awesome pics! Thanks for letting me get an insider's look into your wonderful trip. :)