Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Music and Running....

I haven't run this week.  Monday it was crappy out, so I figured I'd run Tuesday.  Then my schedule changed, and I had an opening shift instead of a closing shift.  We had a meeting at night, and when I went home, it was storming.  I missed my run.  And today?  So far...rain, tons of wind...etc.  Looks like I could miss my run today, too.  Anyone know where there's a free indoor track around here I could use?  

All these rainy days have had me writing a little bit and playing a lot of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the 3DS (which, can I say, is amazingly new and nostalgic all at once).  Oh...and listening to music.  Of course, there's almost ALWAYS music on at home.  I was curious what my most played songs were, and the list was as follows:

1.  "Fuck You" by Cee Lo Green
2.  "Shame for You" by Lily Allen
3.  "Black Keys" by Andy Davis
4.  "Killing Me Softly" by the Fugees
5.  "Cryin'" by Aerosmith
6.  "(You Make Me Feel) Like a Natural Woman" by Aretha Franklin
7.  "Wicked Game" by Chris Isaak
8.  "Nervous" by Dryve
9.  "L.O.V." by Fitz and the Tantrums
10.  "Sadie Hawkins Dance" by Relient K

I was honestly a little shocked.   It's not entirely indicative of the music I feel I've been listening to.  I mean, "Fuck You" is a great song, and that one was no surprise.  It's been played WAY more often than any other song...of course, we listened to it, like, ten times when my brother was over right after it came out, so, you know.  

I can't even remember how "Shame for You" goes, s I can't believe it's second.  The next three are pretty accurate, though.  That Aretha song is one I can't remember hearing recently OR very often, but...there it is.

And the last three?  Hm.  Still kind of odd to me.  The Fitz and the Tantrums song should probably be higher on the list.  And I'm really surprised there's no Ben Folds on this list, considering they're my favorite band.  They made the top 25, but there's only one song clocking it at number 20, and it's not one I even love.  

Oh, and number 11?  "The Bed Intruder Song" by Antoine Dodson.  Yeah...guilty pleasure and a party song.  Sometimes I don't play DJ at my own parties; I just let whoever play whatever.  But, honestly, that one's mostly me.  Ha!




Bryan Ochalla said...

Wow, that's definitely an ... "interesting" list :) A lot of those songs are great, though, so at least there's that. Hmmm, I wonder what my most-played songs are ...

Viewtiful_Justin said...

Ha! That's an interesting reaction, Bryan. :-P