Tuesday, September 22, 2009


So, remember when I mentioned thatI was featured on Hardest Level for my Top 5 Tuesday post about the top 5 computer games you'd never played?

Well, I get this message the other day after talking to one of the editors over at Hardest Level. It is one of the heads over at Xanga asking if I'd like to be an editor for Hardest Level.


Am I being punked? Apparently I'm not, because I have a phone call interview sort of thing this afternoon to find out more about what would be expected of me.

It's a non-paying internship, but it's invaluable experience for a guy who would love to be an editor and loves video games. So...we shall see.

And for those of you wondering where Top 5 Tuesday is today, it's running a little late and will be in sometime this afternoon.


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Argent said...

Wow! Those guys must really like you! I'd love to do something more with my own writing/editing skills (family and friends of mine have been using my patented turd-polishing services for years - mainly because it's free, I think). Good news anyway!