Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Top 5 Tuesday: Jobs Edition...

If you read my blog you know I hate my job.  If you hadn't realized it yet, let me say it explicitly.  I hate my job.  So when lisguitarist suggested I do a Top 5 Tuesday blog about jobs, I jumped at the opportunity!

Are you making sandwiches for ungrateful jerks?  Spending all day dealing with horrible customers?  Answering the phone with your Lee Press-on smile?  Serving food?  This blog's for you!  After careful consideration and much soul searching, I present to everyone my list of The Top 5 Jobs I'd Love To Try.

5)  Professional Blogger

If I could make my money doing exactly what I'm doing every day around here, I'd quit my crappy job in a heartbeat!  Leave banking for blogging?  Sure!  What's to lose?  I'd have no customers, no rules, and no one to answer to except my fans (and those crazy people who seem to hate me for no reason).  I can't see any downside.

4)  Runway Model

The photo says it all.  Who wouldn't want to be that guy?  Personal trainer?  Sure!  Wearing ridiculous clothes?  Why not!  Having my photo taken and plastered all over magazines and the Internet?  It's about time!  I'd get paid to be pretty and walk.  I mean, it's not much for personal worth aside from whatever you'd feel from being beautiful, but you get paid to walk twenty feet and turn around.  I don't even have to smile!  Sounds like the perfect job, honestly.

3)  College Literature Professor

This one is probably the one I'm most serious about.  It's been something I've wanted to do since college lit (more years ago than I care to admit).  There's nothing closer to being a professional student than this.  It would entail more school.  Fine by me!  I would have to talk in front of a group.  I could get used to that, especially if it were something I was passionate about.  And, to top it all off, I'd get to wear a sweet sports jacket to work every day!  Getting paid to read?  To teach others to love and appreciate what you love?  Jackpot!  I might have to look into grad schools...

2)  Backup Dancer

Heck yes.  Only because I'd love to bust out some moves and people point for different reasons than they normally do.  Really, I just wish I could dance, and this is most definitely an extension of that desire.  Bright lights and pumping music would be my new home, my blood, and my heartbeat.  Yes please!

1)  Editor at Hardest Level

Okay, okay.  I'll admit this one is sort of a plug.  But.  This is something that could happen.  I have a phone call today to talk with Eugenia about what an internship with Xanga's very own Hardest Level would entail.  Reading and writing about video games?  Count me in without one ounce of hesitation!  Editing?  Yes, please!  And perhaps even boosting readership and building relationships with more people around the Xangaverse?  That's, like, a dream come true! 

So there you have it: a frightening look into what I'd love to do.  Could I ever be all these things?  Perhaps.  Although I'd have to learn to sleepwalk like a model and blog at the same time...this could prove problematic.  Not to mention the trauma from teh people that would have to see me both disrobe AND dance.  Eek! 

What about your top five?

Until next time, friends!  Remember, submissions for Top 5 Tuesday blogs are always welcome.  Who knows, you could see your own idea on this very spot next week! 



KellyMellyBoBellyBananaFanna said...

I love it! As far as me, I don't know. I'm (surprisingly and EXTREMELY thankfully) pretty darn content at the moment. It'd be cool to be a stunt person or a helicopter pilot, though...


Argent said...

Loved it! I would love to be a Doctor (neurology probably). Never gonna happen, but sooo cool. I'd also like to do creative stuff with writing but need more discipline I tihnk. sometimes I wish I could just put cans on shelves at the local supermarket (on those days when I'm on-call and stressing about an imminent systems meltdown). Professional bed-tester - this is the job I most want first thing in the morning. I also once wanted to be a psychotherapist and still kind of want to. My top 5 - for today, anyway.

Viewtiful_Justin said...

Good list, Argent! I'd love to be a bed tester, too. And as far as stress goes, my job is on the low end. But stocking shelves could be relaxing.

Cecilia Levy said...

very good list! the background dancers almost killed me. I'd love to do what I'm doing but get paid more... Otherwise I wouldn't mind being a teacher of latin, a masseuse, an artistic researcher, working in a museum/gallery or as a gardener.