Friday, September 18, 2009

Poem for a Friend...

Domestic Dispute

I recognize this--
this willful ignorance
deaf to counsel
blind to future
dumb for lack of support.
We don't keep our disapproval secret,
instead telling you with words
with absence
that we think you are marrying the wrong man.
And you reply with that which you think is Truth:
you Love him.
We just resolve to be there when he's gone
swallowing told-you-so's
like the lies you told about bruises past.




Argent said...

Good stuff! I especially liek the ending - that last line tells a story all by itself.

Argent said...

PS You should come and play wordzzles with us on Saturdays - your word-power is easily up to the challenge. Check out Raven's Nest for the low-down.