Monday, October 26, 2009

Health Care...

I don't talk politics. I think it divides people. But I will say this:

I have no health insurance. And my teeth are falling apart. I take great care of my teeth. But, I inherited my mom's bad teeth, genetically speaking. In the world of raw deals, this seems like the worst.

I need to get these taken care of, because every time I think of going through another tooth-related tragedy and the pain and agony associated with that, I literally panic. I get all hot and start freaking out. I can't sleep, can't eat...basically can't function.

This morning, I'm sort of feeling the same way. One of my back teeth needs work, and it's starting to let me know it's there...just barely. And now I'm so freaking warm I can't stand it.

This post is a bust, but tomorrow I may have photos from Robb and my trip to Lake Geneva yesterday!


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