Thursday, October 8, 2009

Nuclear Adventure...

I've been meaning to blog about this for a while, but with Cake Wrecks and ski lifts and the weekend all in a got pushed aside.  And this weekend will be no different...we've got Rocky Horror Picture Show on Friday night at the Egyptian Theater in town here, and the we're jetting off to Michigan to stay the night   Yeah.  Saugatuck.

Anyrambler...last weekend was one of the last nice weekends we thought we'd get around here, so Robb and I took a trip to White Pines State Park, and on the way, we did something I've always wanted to, ALWAYS.  My whole life. 

We visited Byron Nuclear Power Plant!

It was always smoking off in the distance, the huge plume of steam visible on cold days, but it was never close enough to justify making the drive over there.  However, today was different!

There's something about this pristine rolling farmland with the backdrop of the nuclear plant that seems somewhat ominous.  I love it!

As I expected, we weren't able to take a tour or anything (not since 9/11), but we did get to drive up so close we could see the water falling out the bottom of one of the stacks.  We were this close, y'all!

So I took this PSA below!

*Shooting Star*  In this world of oil crises and strife, it might seem like nothing is for certain.  But there is one thing:  Nuclear power...the key to a brighter future for our children.

I'm still waiting on those Exelon people to call me for the TV spot on that one...

It was so cool, though.  Seriously.  HUGE!

I love it.  Makes me feel so tiny...

Yup.  It really was a treat!  And now I can cross that off my list of things to do before I die.


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Argent said...

My first proper job was at the Central Electricity Generating Board (the then government-run power company here in the UK). As part of our orientation we were given a tour of one of the biggest coal-fired stations that existed back then. We got to go everywhere: the boiler house (7 storeys tall) the turbine hall (a cathedral to power). We even got to go inside one of the cooling towers, it was like a tropical rainforest, all darkness and steamy dripping fog. It was awesome! I've visited the vistor's centre at Sellafield - Britain's nuclear fuel reprocessing plant, again, very interesting. Do you say moo-kyu-ler or noo-klear, BTW?