Friday, October 2, 2009

Meeting an Internet Goddess...

Yesterday I hopped a train to go meet the boy after work.  We headed up to Skokie for some free cake!

If you guys have spent any time at all on the Internet, you may recognize this guy:

That would be a naked baby with a mohawk riding a carrot, or a Carrot Jockey, which they are affectionately called.  They are the (now) official mascot of Cake Wrecks, a blog featuring professional cakes that have gone horribly, hilariously wrong.

They have just released their first book, and they were having a presentation and signing by the author and blogging goddess, Jen Yeats.  When we got there, there was already a fairly big crowd.

Appropriately, we were in the cooking section.  Cruelly, we were next to the dieting section, as was the huge Carrot Jockey cake.  Yes, friends, it was a cake!  Donated, even!  Shortly after we staked out a spot, Jen and her lovely husband John took the podium and shared some Cake Wrecks mythos with the crowd.

They're so cute, y'all!  We talked about their favorite wrecks, the most controversial ones, and the way her little anonymous blog just happened to blossom into an Internet phenomenon.  It was a ton of fun, and we all laughed a lot!

Her husband has great comedic timing...

After all was said and done, they got to judge the wreckplicas, cupcakes done up to look like replicas of the wrecks featured on the site.  Check them out!

There's a great story behind this jump drive cake...

And this failure of a baseball diamond...complete with lace doily!

Then there was this absolutely tasteless gem!

Oh yes.  It's misspelled.  And exploding.  How appropriate to honor the memory of those who died.  And this one was originally a cake, an ACTUAL CAKE, sold by a bakery.  No lie. 

Then things got questionable with these last two:

A watermelon?  I dunno...looks like a frog with a vagina to me!

And...another reason why I love firemen:

Yup.  That one ended up winning the contest, and the woman who made it got a free Cake Wrecks apron.  The two runners up got Carrot Jockey necklaces.  So neat.

We stood around for cake, and I saw some girl walk by with a slice of the baby's head.  Creepy!  And...I got to try my first taste of fondant.  I always wondered what it was like.  It sort of tastes like a circus know, those huge orange monstrosities made of styrofoam?  But the cake was amazing and delicious!  AND FREE!!!

And after we had our free cake, we waited in line to get my book signed, where we met a woman who lives right across town from us!  How strange to meet a neighbor 50 miles away from home, randomly, in line.  Life is funny.

I had Jen sign "HUGE ME" in it, in honor of my favorite Cake Wreck, a conversation heart cake that was supposed to say "Hug Me".  It was so cool!  They've got five stops left on their tour, so go on over to the website [click here] and check out if they're going to be in your area!  Free cake, y'all!!!  Go!

But seriously, thanks to Jen and John for providing all of us Wreckies with so many laughs over the last year and a half-ish.  It's been a slice.



KellyMellyBoBellyBananaFanna said...

I remember coming across this site when I was looking for our wedding cake, and it was a hilarious. I had no idea that they were this big of a deal, though!

Most importantly, was the cake yummy?


Allison said...

I am soo jealous that you got to attend a book signing!

I wish they would come to Canada!

Viewtiful_Justin said...

It was phenomenal. The cake was delicious and the company was great!

I wish they would go to Canada, too!

Argent said...

Again with the making me hungry! What a treat though to meet those folks and cake too! Thanks for sharing this with us, we can only stare jealously, our noses pressed up again the screen.

Roia said...

I absolutely love that blog! I go over there whenever I'm completely miserable and feeling sorry for myself and proceed to laugh myself silly. So cool that you got to go meet the blog parents live and in person (and who doesn't love cake?). Huzzah!