Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Motivated by Guilt...

This weekend was pretty much one giant feeding frenzy.

My sister's graduation party was Saturday, and my mom made all the food. Potato salad, mostaccioli, pulled pork, watermelon...oh, and cake (it was store bought, but still great)! We hung out with all her friends and the family, played some ladderball (a.k.a. hillbilly golf, ghetto golf) and badminton, drank wine, and ate way too much all day.

Sunday I was at work watching the storm try to knock out our power and listening to my coworker scream every time the lightning struck nearby. It'll make a guy pretty jumpy.

Monday we had a Memorial Day cookout with other friends. We had beer-boiled (and grilled) brats on pretzel rolls, lemon bars, brownies, cole slaw, fruit, chips, veggies...and more drinks. I probably drank a whole day's worth of calories...but we worked some of them (4 or 5) off playing bags and more ladder ball. It was a great time hanging with friends and meeting new ones.

Today? Today it's hot. Muggy. Windy, though. I didn't want to run. But then I thought about everything that I'd eaten this weekend. I said to myself, "You plan to sit around and do as little as possible today, right?"
"And you want to do that without feeling guilty, correct?"
"Then get your ass out there and run."
"Fair enough."

So, here I am. Freshly showered. Contemplating a leftover lemon square but knowing I should have a glass of water and some watermelon instead. Oh, and the sunburn itch is, I think, officially over. *sings* "Ding-dong! The itch is dead! Which old itch? The sunburn itch! Ding-dong the itchy itch is dead!"



Bryan Ochalla said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend, even if you did end up feeling a bit guilty about some parts of it :)

So, did you go for the water and watermelon after your run, or did you go for the lemon square?

I think most of us had guilt-inducing weekends, BTW. Not sure that makes you feel better, but I thought I'd try :)

Roia said...

I don't know about you, man, but if I didn't have perpetual and existential guilt I don't think anybody I know would recognized me! :- )

P.S. Yay, rah, feeding frenzies! Oh, and lemon bars! And badminton! (Okay, stepping aWAY from the comment form now...)

Viewtiful_Justin said...

LOL Roia, I love the fervor of that comment! Hooray for everything!!

And Bryan, I went for the watermelon. And when we went out to eat for dinner I opted for water and no fries...with my italian beef. Can't win them all. :-P