Monday, March 8, 2010

2D vs. 3D...

Now that I've seen Alice in Wonderland in both 3D and 2D, I'll say this:

It was a good movie. Very fun if you're familiar with Lewis Carroll's works, especially the poem Jabberwocky, despite the fact that they BUTCHER it for the sake of the movie--replacing the word "Jub-Jub bird" with "Jabberwock" even though the Jub-Jub bird is IN the freaking movie. I digress. But really, I couldn't have seen enough of the Red Queen's castle. That heart-shaped arch in the front just blows me away every time I see it! Amazing stuff. And so funny!

So yes, I'd recommend that you go see it before it is out of theaters. But the hard question remains: 2D, or 3D?

Well, I found the 3D to be completely distracting at times. It was well done, and the movie seemed to be made with 3D in mind, what with the action coming at the screen more often than not. There were several times I was ducking or leaning. And the color! Oh, the color was so amazing! But I feel like I missed seeing a lot of stuff because I was distracted by what was #d and what was not.

The boy and I saw it in 2D last night, and I seemed to catch more of the movie than I did when we saw it in 3D. It may have been the theater in which we saw it, but the color wasn't nearly as impressive as it was in the 3D showing. And just could have been the quality of the film or the theater's machine or just seemed sort of washed out.

So, my analysis? In 3D, I didn't see as much as in 2D, but what I did see was far more impressive. And in 2D, I saw everything, but it wasn't nearly as pretty.

So...there. I guess I'd recommend seeing it in 3D over the 2D, and that's hard for me to say, since I'm sort of against the whole 3D movement.

But that, dear friends, is another post.



David said...

Don't know about anyone else, but "Bandersnatch" always sounded just a tad dirty to me.

Haven't seen Alice, but can't wait to. And yes, I know they butchered the story, but it's an adaptation after all, not a translation. So I'm prepared.

Viewtiful_Justin said...

Well, it's not the story they butchered in the move so much as it is that poem, in the quoting of it. Because the Hatter quotes it...but it's ALL WRONG. I don't mind the deviation from the story, since it is, actually, sort of sequel.

Bryan Ochalla said...

Hmmm, may have to drag the hubs to this soon. I have a feeling we'll have to see it in 2D, though...

Viewtiful_Justin said...

Oh? Any reason?