Thursday, March 25, 2010


So, I was worried about my interview. I didn't sleep well. I imagined every terrible scenario, most of which involved them asking me why I'm no longer working with National City.

Turns out, I didn't really have much to worry about.

She DID ask me what happened over there, and I explained to her my situation, about the bad check and the woman who had had an account with us since the 70s and the policy for bypassing holds. And do you know what she said to me? She said, "I don't think it should be the teller's responsibility to decide whether or not to place holds on checks." Seriously. That was it. We talked about it, she said it was a raw deal and that she didn't think I did anything wrong, that I shouldn't have ever been fired for that.

She said exactly what everyone else has said every time I tell that story. Why did I assume she'd say anything different.?

We chatted. It turns out she lives in the town where I held my job before National City, that I probably know her from Sullivan's. Huh. How about that. So we have this instant rapport.

I was supposed to be in the interview with her and the branch's Assistant Manager. He had the day off unexpectedly, since he worked for a teller who was off on Tuesday. So I have another interview with HIM tomorrow. And now I'm thinking I'm worried because I don't make as great an impression on guys as I do with 40 something ladies.

But I think it went really well. I think I've got a good shot.



Bryan Ochalla said...

That's not just good news, that's great news! And don't worry about the guy -- you'll make a good impression on him, too. Still, I'll cross my fingers and toes (again) for you :)

Argent said...

You'll be GREAT!!!!!!!! And it sounds like 40-somehing lady is on your side so she could swing it for you if there's even any doubt - which there isn't!!!