Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Another Bank?

Yes. I applied at another bank in town. This one's local (less bullshit and bureaucracy? I hope so.) and has a bunch of locations around town. They've got several teller openings, so...maybe I'll be able to get right back in where I left off, but with the competition.

I'm not ecstatic about another bank job, but I'm qualified and it would be a steady income. And in a smaller bank, the possibility for advancement seems much more likely, since they're recruiting people from inside AND not from all across the whole dang country.

So...there's that. I also checked on a few jobs yesterday. One of them turned out to be in a garage, fixing cars. That's NOT "customer service" last I checked.

And now I'm typing around the cat, who just scared the hell out of me by launching himself onto the computer desk with a yowl. It's hard to see the keyboard or the monitor around a 14 pound cat.

Okay. I guess it's time to feed his royal highness.



Unknown said...

crossing my fingers...!!!

Bryan Ochalla said...

Here's hoping you get it (if you want it) and that it's a much, *much* better experience than your last bank job!

Argent said...

Hope you get the job - at least it's an income! I had furry feline behind/keybaord interface troubles today too :-)