Monday, March 22, 2010


The party was canceled, because everyone backed out. My friend Nichole's dog is sick and she didn't feel like going out. Some other friends stayed with her for moral support. Two couldn't find a babysitter. One was in a play. So...that left three of us getting together. So we relocated the party to my house.

They brought wine. We had a Catawba pink, a moscato, a pinot grigio, and a bottle of super sweet red called Li'l Ol' Truk. It's my mom's favorite.

So, needless to say, we drank too much wine. Chips and salsa, chocolate covered was a strange night. I saw a boob. I dated that boob in high school, middle school. I share a birthday with that boob. We talked, sat in the kitchen, perched on counters and stools, played with the cat, refilled and drained glasses.

I needed it.

The next night, we went to see a friend play the lead in Little Shop of Horrors. He was great. The rest of the cast? Eh...there were a few places where I was wincing. Harmonizing that didn't work, timing that was off, voices that couldn't be understood no matter what they said. But we had fun.

I needed it.

Last night I went home to see my mom. I picked up some jigsaw puzzles from home. I drank some wine, Port of Utica, which is like Li'l Ol' Truk on steroids. We had a huge dinner with a pork roast, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, apple sauce, biscuits, was wonderful.

I needed it.

And now? Who knows...currently I'm listening to Adam Lambert telling me that he's here for my entertainment. If only. Otherwise, I'm waiting for an employer to call me about a job in Sycamore. And I have to see if anybody got back to me about several jobs I applied for last week.

My standards have dropped, now that I'm not getting unemployment. Ugh. Maybe I'll have a promising interview somewhere good.

I need it.



Bryan Ochalla said...

All in all, it sounds like you had a nice weekend -- setbacks and all. I'm sorry you're kind of 'back to reality' today, though. Fingers crossed that you do, indeed, get a 'promising interview somewhere good.' :)

Argent said...

Yeah, an interesting weekend it seems. When you say 'boob' - do you meean a rather silly person? Or a breat (boods are breast in the UK)? Just curious.

Viewtiful_Justin said...

No no. I mean...BOOB. Like...breast.

Argent said...

Just the one boob? They usually come in pairs, ya know :-)
Just kidding. I really enjoyed how you put this post together. Also, still wishing good things for you job-wise....