Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend In Photos...

This is how the weekend started.  I threw on my blue plaid shirt with the green undershirt, the one that makes my chest and arms look bigger than they are.  Then people came over to our place, and we explored the attic space I'd been too scared to look in since we moved in.  No ghosts.  We took some video and ran voice recorders, hoping to pick up some kind of EVP from our apartment ghost(s?).  So far, nothing doing.  Then we took a midnight (train to Georgia...woo woo!) trip to another friend's house.  She wasn't expecting us, and we rolled out the welcome banner we'd made while she poured us some wine.  I drank too much and got kind of silly.  It was nice to visit.

Saturday, Robb and I visited the library in town.  I got some more CDs, and I was pleasantly surprised to see the daffodils (my favorite flower because the portend Spring) poking through the mud next to the walk.

We hung around the apartment, mostly.  It was nice having the boy home for a change, since the ski season is officially over.  So we basked in the homey Saturdayness of the morning and afternoon, and then we headed off.  We stopped to meet friends in Manhattan (not NY) where one of them was working.  Mutual harassment ensued.  Then we went back to her place and met her new friend:

That would be Sadie, the chinchilla.  So adorable, and soooo soft.  She was a little ball of crazy energy.

Sunday morning Robb and I planned to go to church, so we got up at 8:30, realized it was actually 9:30, and went back to bed.  I hate rushing to get ready in the morning.  It puts me in a bad mood.  So I just decided we would skip church entirely.  Well...we slept until 11:45.  I hadn't slept well in almost a week, so it was a nice change.  And then I rushed to get ready for my writer's group, which was having a special meeting. 

I drew this confused cat bird...sort of a way for me to sort out my feelings about a friend of mine who is newly transgendered.  It's really hard to stop calling him Ian and start calling her Elaine...and the pronouns...oh, the pronouns!  I'll get it right one day.

So...after a full day, Robb and I ordered pizza.  I hadn't eaten all day, so we finished the whole thing.  That night, I had the happiest dream ever!  I got a pygmy hippo as a pet, and he LOVED cat food and potatoes.  So freaking adorable I could spit!

And this morning?

I've got a whole list of things to of which I can now cross off.

--Call on resume
--Rip CDs
--Take clothes and computer monitor to Goodwill
--Check jobs
--Do critique stuff
--Pet the cat
--Check Wii Shop Channel



erin said...

Chinchillas kick ass! We had one when we were kids. They are adorable when they take their ash baths. :)

Glad you had a great weekend. Hope the week goes just as well!

Argent said...

Don't forget to pet the cat! And thanks for inviting us over for the weekend.

Bryan Ochalla said...

What is that chinchilla doing in a bowl?

Also, I love how, in your drawing, the catbird is thinking 'meow' but saying 'tweet.' Which one did it start as, BTW -- a bird or a cat?

Anyway, sounds like you had a great weekend. Great weekends FTW! :)

Viewtiful_Justin said...

It was both from the start, actually. And...the chinchilla is taking a dust bath. They throw a little dust into the bowl and it flips around and shakes it off. I guess it absorbs the oil in their fur or something.