Thursday, March 11, 2010

Blah Rainy Fa So La Ti Do...

This is what I woke up to this morning:

Rainy day...
but that's okay, 
It means that Spring
is on its way!

Goooooo SPRING!


I don't know what that was...I think I was channeling my inner cheerleader.  Yikes.  I'm going to step away from the pompons, now. all wanted to see the facial hair, right?'s the saga for the past few days (all photos were taken from a folder on my computer called "Beard Saga"--true story) :

This would be me (Tuesday) wearing the cutout from a box of canned cat food.  When it's torn off, it looks like a great tie!  What say I wear this to a job interview some day?  No?

Then Robb took the camera and started snapping.  "Give me skanky.  Give me annoyed.  Give me have to shit."

And apparently you can't change the photo's orientation once it is uploaded.  Pity...

So...after my impromptu, sideways photo shoot, the world righted itself.

I took these after my shower yesterday:

And then I took these this morning, not much different:

Ignore the bedhead.  So yeah,'s not so bad.  What do you think, all?  Good?  Bad?  Ugly?

Anywho...there it is.  I'll probably keep on keepin' on until I have an interview.  Then I'll shave it.  I don't want to look like a hobo during my first impression...unless you think it would help...would it help to look like I've been living under a bridge?



David said...

In that one pic you kind of look like Dominic Monaghan (who I think is pretty fuckin' sexy). Grow it out just a little more and keep it trimmed, and you'll have that "learnèd, fresh out of college" look.

Bryan Ochalla said...

What does it say about me that I actually tilted my head to look at all of the sideways photos?

Also, I like the beard! You also look good shaved, though, so I say go with whichever you prefer :)

Nicole said...

I like it!

Argent said...

I, too, gave myself a ckick in my neck looking at the pix. I have to say, I think the beard is working for you. Are they pogonophobic in USA when it comes to hiring people? Will the fuzz definitely have to go. I tihnk, so long as it's neat, there's no reason not to wear it to a job interview.

Viewtiful_Justin said...

I guess I have just always been to have facial hair makes me sort of fell like I'm ill prepared to go out. You I didn't take a shower or something.

I like how it's looking, though...and I think I may just keep it. This is day 6 of doesn't take too long to get back here if I have to shave it for some reason.

Robb seems to be okay with it. ;-)