Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Weather Bomb!!!

I was sitting in the laundromat last night, waiting for my whites to whiten and my colors to clean, and between checking out the hot guy behind the counter and the hot guy sitting a few seats away in his hockey coat, I caught the weather.

They were talking about the system that is moving toward New York (glad I live in Illinois--where the s is silent), and the weather man actually said these words: "We're calling it a weather bomb."

Not. Even. Kidding. Weather bomb. Seriously?! It can't just be bad weather. It can't be some snow, not even "the most snow we've seen in years", no no! It has to be a fucking WEATHER BOMB. Ugh.

A murder isn't just unfortunate. It's MURDERGATE!

A cat in a tree? No. FELINE CATASTROPHE!

A bomb threat? NO! TERROR WATCH 2011!!!

Nothing is just...what it is. Every little thing has to be something inflated, scary, huge!

A fucking weather bomb. Ugh. I can't wait to see what they can tie to violence and fear next!



PepeB said...

It's the same here in Germany: no more simple snow, but a snow front(bringin 30 cm snow actually)! I thought I was the only one wondering about it ...

Viewtiful_Justin said...

It's super annoying.

Adorably Dead said...

Catastrophe...more like CATasTREEphe! Oh yeah! lol. Be glad you're in illinois. I'm in MD, apparently we're getting a bad snowstorm coming from Canada soon. ;_; I already have useless tracking on my tires now. I'm going to be stuck in work again, I just know it....oy vay. :p