Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Hey, kids.

Tonight I canceled plans.  Friday night was work.  Saturday day was busy running around.  Saturday night was work.  Sunday I had lunch with my mom and raced home for volleyball, then went out to eat.  Monday I had a friend in from out of town, and we caught up over PS4 (The Witness, Salt and Sanctuary, Jackbox Party Pack, and Chariot).  He crashed here that night and we hung out again in the morning.  Then I left for work.  And this morning I raced off to an early shift and came home with plans to go play Pandemic Legacy (we're in November and LOVING IT) with some friends.

They were both feeling sort of icky and had some other things pulling their attention away, so I decided to reschedule for Sunday.  My room was a wreck and it was stressing me out.  I hadn't had any down time in almost a week.  And I was just ready for some quiet time with no obligations.  Some time when I didn't have to be "on."

I filed my Illinois taxes, finally.  I owed $144.  Fuck this state.  But I only pouted for about 15 minutes before I decided that I can't do anything about it, paid my bill, and moved on.  And the night was restful.  And fun.

Would I have had fun setting up and blazing through another night of stopping disease from spreading across the globe?  Sure!  Would I have enjoyed going out to shop for new black pants for work?  Maybe.  Would I have liked to go spend my 20% off birthday coupon at Game Stop?  Well, had I not spent $144 on nothing, yes.  But I decided to stay home and recharge.  Leftovers and shitty ghost tv.  And cleaning.  And cuddling the cat.  And getting bitten by said cat.

And it was glorious.  It has left me recharged for tomorrow and in better shape to take on the world when we get together for games on Sunday.

Cancel plans.  Treat yourself right.  Because you can't pour anything out of an empty glass.


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