Monday, April 11, 2016

Happy Birthday!

Today was my birthday.  Is, I guess.  There's only a few minutes left of it.  

I laid out some cards earlier today, a sort of assessment of the year to come:

The top row is, from left to right, past--present--future.  The bottom row is an energy/advice spread as it relates to the present card.

But what does it all say?  Well, it seems I haven't found my purpose.  That thing that makes me, me.  Or I've lost sight of it.  The Hermit is my life card, the one that signifies me in most readings, the one that speaks about my sense of self.  And inverted, he's not in his element.  He can't get the solitude and inner quiet needed to figure out the path ahead.

The second card, Death, is NOT ABOUT DEATH!  It's actually an incredibly appropriate card for its place in this spread.  The present is always changing.  It's a fulcrum between the past and the future.  Death is a card about change, about sloughing off the old self and transitioning into something new.

The future card is the King of Pentacles.  My nemesis.  I was reading a book called Understanding the Tarot Court, but Mary K. Greer and Tom Little.  It's part of the "Special Topics in Tarot" series by Llewelyn.  In it, an exercise asked me to lay out all the court cards and whittle them down til I found one I identified with--the Queen of Cups.  Then it asked that I look at all the remaining cards and choose a nemesis, that thing you don't think you'll ever be, that thing that will always defeat you.  The King of Pentacles has his shit together.  He's financially stable and career minded.  He makes good choices.  Seeing that in my future spread was a big boost today.  Maybe I'm headed in the right direction!  Maybe the energy/advice portion of the reading will tell me more about how to get there.

So we come to the bottom two cards.  First, energy: the inverted Sun shows that I don't think I'm living up to my potential.  I'm not comfortable in my own skin.  I'm not exactly confident that I'm doing what I should be.  It correlates to the inverted Hermit card.

And the advice?  Move.  Find some better balance in life and move forward.  Reign your masculine and feminine halves together and let them carry you ahead.  But get out of wherever it is you are.  That charioteer is not looking back at whatever he's leaving.  He's taking on a new adventure.  Maybe he's headed to a consultation with that King of Pentacles.  Maybe in the future he IS that King of Pentacles.

And that's the spread. Nothing I didn't know.  But interesting, nonetheless.  I think it's time to start looking around for some new opportunities.  Maybe something that lets me be both challenged and creative.

Happy birthday to me!  May I keep growing and expanding on the path.


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