Monday, April 18, 2016

Trying Not To...

It's a little bit sad when someone you only know through social media unfollows you at all outlets.  You'd think that a few years worth of a sort of friendship would mean more, that they might say something to you instead of just unplugging.  But, them's the breaks.

So I had a disagreement with this person a few weeks back when he made a snotty comment about some kid who waited on him being rude, and he said he almost reminded the employee that he was "just a cashier."

I told him that I was "just a cashier," and that I thought his attitude about cashierhood was wrong.  Just a cashier.  Just the guy who listens to your bullshit, deals with your drama, and takes your money.  Just the guy who is the face of the company.  Just the first contact point most people have with a place.  Just a cashier.

He tells me that if I'm offended by his words, I should do something to change my situation.  As if the problem is that I've chosen to be "just a cashier."  That I have chosen to be despised.  That clearly I'm part of the problem.

As my mom always said, "If you think I'm part of the problem, then let me be part of the solution.  Bye."

But I waited around because I figured that I had been friends with this person for several years, that we clearly had SOMETHING.  And then I noticed that I had been unfollowed, defriended, and shut out.  Well, alright.  At least I know.

I'm trying not to let this bug me.  To be all "good riddance" about it.  But the truth is, it actually kind of hurts.  And you think, "Oh, it's just some nobody you'll never meet.  Who cares?"  But people who have long-term internet friends will tell you that it does matter.  Some of those people I'll probably never meet are among my best friends.

And the motherfucker never even apologized.  I guess I'm better off.  The rest of you are still here.


P.S.  For the record, except for one of you who probably isn't reading this, you don't know him.



Bryan Ochalla said...

Well, that sucks, Sorry, Justin :(

Unknown said...


JM said...
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JM said...

Ugh. His attitude is repugnant, and his inability to own up to his actions and talk it out is just juvenile. I'm sorry.

Viewtiful_Justin said...

It's always sorta shitty. But hey, it helps me figure out who really is a friend, I guess!