Friday, April 15, 2016

Not Dead...

I know it's been two days since I posted.  I didn't quit.  I promise.

Two nights ago I found I had an extra hour or so after game night, and I couldn't figure out where it came from.  So I spent it watching videos on Buzzfeed.  I love the Try Guys.  I'll admit it.

It was only after I'd gone to bed that I realized I never blogged.  THAT was where my extra time usually went.  Derp. apologies.  I forgot.  That just means I need to do an extra blog.

Two, actually, because I didn't write one yesterday.  I was going to do it in the morning, but I ran out of time.  And by the time Robb and I got home from SEEING NIGHTVALE LIVE IN CHICAGO, it was past midnight.  Also, I thought of blogging on the train, but I couldn't figure out how to make that happen from my phone.

So I guess this is technically today's post.  And maybe later today if I'm feeling saucy before work or after the bonfire (which will put me into tomorrow, I'm sure), I'll do another one.

By the way, we went to see a live episode of the podcast Welcome to Nightvale.  It was awesome.  Cecil Baldwin is awesome.  And the fans of the podcast are awesome.  Robb bought tickets several months ago because he loves the show.  I'm just a casual listener.  But it was a great time!  I laughed AND cried. know...bonus?

We spent the day in Chicago, walking around Navy Pier and Millennium Park like tourists.  I fed a pink grapefruit flavored gummy bear to a seagull.  We watched another seagull harass two people on a bench because he wanted food.  And we got cruised by Captain Cruisealot.  Guy kept walking by us with HERP-EYE.  Get away.  We don't want any.  Also, cargo jeans.  No.

It really was a great day.  And only two more work days til the weekend.  Hooray for hookie.


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