Sunday, April 3, 2016

Down to the Wire..

I wasn't sure I'd get to put a blog post in today.

I was away all day and only now got a chance to sit down, only to find that our internet was out.  And after reseting the router and fighting with my computer, during which I reached the point of considering how much it would cost to replace my laptop if I punched a hole in the monitor, it came back.  Finally.

So this is gonna be rushed.

But here's the breakdown:

Coffee and half a jelly donut at home.  An Arnold Palmer on the road to Mom's for lunch.  Deviled eggs, wine, shrimp, and more wine there.  Then ham and homemade scalloped potatoes, corn, milk, more wine, cake, and key lime pie.  Also ice cream.  A handful of Easter candy.  A cup of coffee.

Then nothing til after volleyball.  Robb plays in a Sunday league.  I don't do team sports.  Have we been over this before?  Well, I just don't.  So I'm their prime cheerleader.

Then Culver's cheese curds and a chocolate malt.  And a single bite of a burger Heather ordered, which I wanted to taste.

Oof.  I'm full.  And feeling awful.  It might have been close to a 10,000 calorie day.  Maybe not.  And I wonder why I'm getting a little belly.


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Geoff said...

Now I have a whole whirlwind of imagery and vicarious experience surrounding that quiet-looking photo you posted on Instagram for Sunday. Personally, I think that's pretty cool. :-)