Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Popcorn...

Thank God it's Friday.

It's that special day of every two weeks, my favorite day of every two weeks. It's payday.


It's the day the Water Guy visits us. *SQUEEE* *Swoon* He's the best thing about my every-other-work-week. He struts in, 5 gallon jug slung over his shoulder, and takes it to the back, leaving me at the counter hoping no one comes in so I can smile at him and take the order slip. And I do. And he smiles back. I don't know if he's interested (and, oh, I'm taken), but he sure is fun to look at.

Today he came in, went to the back, came up and set down his empty jug and chatted with me as he filled out our order slip. His shirt, per summer, was unbuttoned down to mid-chest, and he just smiled at me when he kind of caught me looking. *melt* He really brings out the thirteen-years-old girl in me.

In other news, check out this blog: Five Rules For Life. It's fairly amazing, and while you may not agree with all the people who post, I'm sure you'll find something to inspire you. You may even want to create your own.

Blind Melon's "No Rain" just came on the radio. It's one of my favorite songs...on a CD I've bought 3 times. Maybe 4. I've given my brother 2 copies, one of which he left in Iraq when he was stationed there, and one of which was in his car when it was stolen. And the third one I think maybe I gave him, too. And, now that I think about it, I don't ACTUALLY have a copy of this's just on my computer. But...good stuff.

So...hooray for Friday Popcorn! It's a good label for those days when you don't have anything significant to say but you don't really want to be silent.



J.D. said...

Many thanks for the link, Justin. I hope you consider submitting your "Five Rules" - I would love to publish them.


Viewtiful_Justin said...

Sweet! I'll send them in as soon as I compse them!

Melissa Blake said...

Justin, you SO need to set me up with this water guy!! :)

I hope Rob isn't too jealous of your infatuation....

Unknown said...

Perhaps this should be renamed--Eye Candy Friday--emphasis on the EYES:>)
Hope your weekend is smashing fabulously fun.

A human kind of human said...

This guy sounds something like Commander van Niekerk. I worked for him many, many years ago. He was crippled in a car accident and walked with a cane. He was a typical "Officer and Gentleman" and had the most piercing, beautiful green eyes you can imagine. Even though I was a newly wed at the time, he could make my knees go wobbly by just looking at me in a certain way - speaking about that thirteen year old girl.....