Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Locked In the Car...

A guy came to the bank today to make a deposit, and when he got inside he told us he'd just locked his keys in his car. Drag. He called his buddy to come get him, hoping he wasn't in class. And since he had some time to kill, we had an impromptu story time.

Julie told us that when her boyfriend took her dog with him to go get Buffalo Wild Wings, the dog got so excited when he was coming back that he jumped on the lock button in the car, locking himself in when the car was running. Awesome.

And Nancy told us the story about how the only time she ever locked her keys in her car it was raining. Nice.

I told the story about how my brother locked his keys in his car three times in the Farm & Fleet parking lot. By the end of that particular few weeks, the cops knew him by name.

And then I told about myself.

I once locked my brother's keys in his trunk while we were out swimming at a pond we weren't supposed to be swimming in. And then he stood on the swivel seat in a beached boat and fell, landing on his back on the pointy front of the boat. And...we were stuck there. Luckily, the door were unlocked, so he opened them and tunneled through the insulation to get into the trunk. I was mortified, being that all his friends were there, too.

I also locked my keys in my car in the Wal Mart parking lot. After the cops came to get my keys out, I walked back in and had a copy made.

And the most embarrassing instance of all?

I was at Applebee's meeting my date in person for the first time ever. We'd talked online, emailed, and we were finally going to meet to have dinner. My first date. And I saw him parked in his spot, a cute guy. I was all flustered. I locked my keys in my car--while it was running. What a way to start a first date!

And you'd think that any guy whose date locked his keys in his car while it was running would probably not be in it for a second date, or even the rest of the first date...but that first date was Robb, and we've been together for over three years.

After telling the customer these stories, I looked him in the eye and said, "See? It could be worse." And he smiled, heading back out to his car to wait for his ride.



Unknown said...

We locked the keys in the trunk of our rental car--and when I say "WE," I mean Hubby--in Montana at one of the many Lewis and Clark historical stop-offs. In the middle of nowhere and no phone service. Lovely view, but no traffic.
We did the same thing as your brother and tunneled our way through the backseat, although with more time I may have chewed through the metal:>)

PS. Love your poem.

Viewtiful_Justin said...

Thanks for the comment! Those things always seem to happen in an area with no cell service. On a road trip a few years back some friends of mine and myself got off the road looking for a Cracker Barrel (which I'd never eat at nowadays because I learned how hateful their policies on hiring are) and our car died. We were in Arizona with no idea where we were, no service, and no car.

And my friend lays his hands on the car, prays that it would start, we all say "Amen." And when he turns the key? Starts.