Thursday, January 7, 2010

Moment of Being...

I am at work and the snow is falling straight down, soft, graceful. It is making everything seem hazy, like a romantic lens on the world. I am having lunch later today with a friend I have not seen in close to five years. I am not axious, like normal. I do not dread awkward pauses or feel like I won't have anything to say. I am genuinely looking forward to it. As I watch the little Bobcat plow the walks across the snowy lawn between my window at work and the street, I am filled with quiet joy, much like falling in love. Not with my lunch partner, but with winter, with snow, with the way this moment came into focus and will soon pass, all the more beautiful in its transience.



So, seconds after I posted that, I checked my phone. My lunch date has been snowed out. Funny how the two sort of shorted each other out. Bah. Oh's still pretty, and I'll be happy to go home and eat lunch with the cat under a warm blanket. And there's always tomorrow. Transient, indeed.



Melissa Blake said...

Ugh, sorry you had to work today! I'll be staying home, probably watching too much TV!! :)

Argent said...

Yep, transient say it all. Has your kitty tried the snow yet? Assuming he goes outside. Ours hate the snow.

Viewtiful_Justin said...

He's not an outside cat. Apparently that's how Tails (our adoption center) got him...he ran away or got lost or something. But we've taken him outside and dumped him in it just for fun once. He hated it!