Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pet Peeve of the Day: Redundant and Repetitive...

I was walking back to the water cooler to fill up my cup (duh), and I heard my boss say something to a customer that made me shiver involuntarily:

"VIN number."

And then she said smething else that made my skin crawl:

"PIN number."

Eww. It's a PIN. Personal Identification NUMBER. Vehicle Identification NUMBER.

It's not a Personal Identification Number Number or a Vehicle Identification Number Number.

I know...I know...stupid. It's something everyone says and everyone knows what it means. I'm a stickler. What can I say?

That's why it's a pet peeve.



KellyMellyBoBellyBananaFanna said...

is it weird that i find this post endearing?

and on top of it, i totally say pin number.


Introvert, Introvert spread your wings and soar. said...

Pet peeves are pet peeves, some things bother you and some things don't. That isn't stupid, it's logical. I will add that one of mine is when someone uses letters in place of words such as "oic" and "idk" online. This is especially irritating since neither technically make sense and there is no grammar involved, but that's just me.

Grammatically Introverted,

Nicole said...

I agree! I agree! Another annoying one is atm machine...does not atm stand for automatic teller MACHINE?!

Viewtiful_Justin said...

@ Kelly - Thanks! And, honestly, I say PIN number, too.

@ Shadow - I HATE HATE LOATHE "oic". All my freinds say "idk." And...I am guilty of saying "jk" a few times a day. Thanks for stopping in!

@ Nicole - YES! I almost threw that one in here, too! Thanks for mentioning it.

Emily said...

i love this post.

i have to add the use of "r" for "are" and "4" in place of "for" and all of the tangents of that.

And when people say "lol" in real life. can't you just laugh?